Monday, November 3, 2008

Unablia, wuper, phout...

Okay, there is no way I can commit to blogging every single day in November, like some of my online bloggin' friends are going to do. But, I can try to do better and maybe blog every other day? So for today, I'm sharing some of my favorite "blog security words" (or "blords") that I've been jotting down. Some of them could make fun and interesting words, don't you think? Here are a few of my favs and my own personal definition that I have "assigned" to them, lol:

Unablia: the inablility to blog or create everyday, even when the desire exists
Wuper: Super WET fun, like in this silly photo of my kids (layout to come later):
Nozore: a night of uninterrupted sleep; the condition where a spouse's snoring or a child's bad dream have not pre-empted a full night of rest.

Pente: a position in which one finds that they have gotten stuck and are unable to free themselves from such predicament (as illustrated by my son here).

So now I have a little challenge for you. Here are a few other "blords" I have jotted down. Take one or two and define them. Or find a few of your own and share them with me. I think we should start our own little dictionary and who knows, maybe we'll discover a new word! I mean, hey, my son swears he made up "ginormous" (he was saying it a long time before I ever heard it on TV or saw it in the print media, lol)! Share your "blords" with me and maybe I'll choose one especially good "blordsmith" to receive a little RAK from me!
(Oh, and if there is already a name for these "blords", please share it with me so I can correct my post. I'm pretty out of the loop technilogically (no facebooking here), so it's quite possible I've missed this somewhere.) Have a great first Monday in November!


Anonymous said...

I love this.
Blogging everyday is so hard!
I am out of the loop on words also.

Bibi said...

LOL!!! How funny!! I'm sooo not that creative.....I couldn't even come up with 1 good one. I guess I'm not a good blordsmith, lol.

*SHeRRy B* said...

I have no idea what blog words are! LOL! I am NOT technically savvy!

jamie said... is a photo pout...the inablitity for the adult parent of a child to coerce said child into a cooperative pose for the camera.

well...i are too cute, candace!