Tuesday, March 19, 2013

My One Word for 2013...

Early in 2013 I read a wonderful book, My One Word by Mike Ashcraft and Rachel Olsen. I took about a month and chose FOCUS for my word this year. I have many reasons for choosing FOCUS.
  1. I need to focus on Christ, and God's will for my life, choosing to spend my time and resources in ways that bring Him glory.
  2. I need to focus on the many projects and activities I start but often do not finish.
  3. I also need to focus on gratitude and being thankful in all circumstances. I am learning to count my gifts/blessings and focus on those things. I am thankful for another wonderful book I read this year that is helping me with this: One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp (about 10 ladies are joining me in the DVD Bible study to learn and fortify our practice of daily gratitude.)
  4. I need to focus on my family, church, and friends, and try not to allow my focus to shift to worldly temptations and technology.
  5. Focus reminds me of perspective and seeing others as Jesus sees them, looking at the world through God’s lens.
To help me remember my one word for the year, I had it embroidered on one of my Thirty-One tote bags. I also plan to find other ways to keep it in front of me throughout the year. I posted my word over at the My One Word site and will be receiving monthly reminder emails... I need accountability to stay focused this year!

I encourage you to read this book! I plan to re-read it every year in January as I select a word for the year. I've never done very well with New Year's resolutions. I think the practice of focusing on one word (allowing God to teach me through it) and writing down scriptures, life lessons, and gratitude gifts will help me be more of the woman that God wants me to be. I hope to be more joyful, more productive, and more of a blessing to others.