Thursday, July 31, 2008

Good-bye, July...

So, was browsing blogs and while reading Jamie's, decided to post one last time in July as well. 26 more days of our summer (well, Seth's, anyway)... a few extra for Tessa. She has decided that she wants to go to a camp. Seth's been to several (Upward Soccer, Upward Basketball, Lego Robotics, and next week, a 2-day Upward Baseball camp). So, tomorrow, I think we'll sign up for a Stars/Space camp at the Natural Science Center for the middle of July. It's only afternoons from 1-3, so should be fun for her. She'd prefer an "animal care" camp, but that will have to wait until next summer.

And here's our summer in a nutshell (found this cool site today to make this, which I will use for a layout at the end of the summer): Wordle. Fun!

And, my first layout where I have actually sewn on the layout itself (not much, but a little... and I sewed the button flowers). Tribute layout to my great Aunt Madge (wrote a bunch of things on the back about her too). I used some of her buttons and a WIP kit from Nov.'07, I think. Who knows, maybe I'll pull out my old machine and try sewing on another one... or try the cool backstitching technique Tali did on her layout (by hand with embroidery floss). It's a "whole new world"...

See you in August!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

July is flying by...

... actually, the whole summer seems to be flying by! So, right now I'm taking a digital class from Paula G. over at NYC Scraps (and am finding it to be quite the challenge... but I'll get it eventually and just know I'll love it). Not ready to post any of those layouts yet - maybe soon. And Tali & I are running a Layout A Day challenge over at Willow Traders and we're on Day 4 of 14. Here are my layouts done so far:

And in this one (the challenge was to distress), I used my July Cherry Cobbler kit from "Color Me Miki":

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Tagged... twice...

So, the taggin' stops here, so to speak. Not really stops, but I don't think there is anyone left for me to tag (I don't know lots of bloggers except my Willow pals... and most of them have been tagged too). But here are my answers:

What was I doing Ten Years Ago?...
I was expecting our first child, Seth... but didn't know it yet... :o)

Five Things On Today's "To Do" List ...
1. take Seth to Upward basketball camp
2. bring Tessa's friend over for play date during camp
3. laundry
4. go to Super Suppers for Buy 6 Get 1 Free meal special
5. cook side dishes to go with Chicken Bruchetta Bake (see #4)

I'm addicted to:
1. coffee in the morning
2. scrapbooking and it's accompanying internet boards & blogs
3. reading

Things I would do if I were a millionaire:
1. Buy a new house (bigger... but not lots bigger)
2. gift church, family & friends
3. go to the beach

Places I have lived:
1. Burlington, North Carolina
2. Chapel Hill, North Carolina (college)
3. Greensboro, North Carolina

Good thing I love North Carolina, huh? ;o)

And while I'm posting, which I don't do often enough, a few layouts I did during the Label Tulip 1st Birthday celebration challenge:

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

July... already!

It is hard for me to believe how fast this summer is flying by! Know that some of it is due to the normal "busyness" we usually have the first half of the summer with VBS, camps and our annual trip to Mississippi. Here are some photos from our trip to see Grandma, a nice relaxing visit. No computer for a week! Yikes - I did well until Friday the 4th, when I suddenly missed my online board and blog buddies. That said, I read 2 novels, 2 scrapping books, lots of magazines, spent hours filling waterguns or swinging, took a walk with Seth every morning (he rode his bike), and enjoyed being at Mildred's. Keeping friends Tom & Sandy in my prayers, as he will be having surgery on July 15 to remove the tumor from his lung. And baby Caleb, as he has his surgery on July 9. Many prayers being lifted for healing, as well as gratitude for the love and support our friends are receiving during difficult times.