Friday, June 18, 2010

I need to post more.

Tessa, rising 1st grader... had an amazing Kindergarten year and loves school! She's terrific!

Seth, rising 6th grader and middle schooler... wow, time flies! Had a great academic career at Jones Elementary - very proud of him!
So, I'm spending a lot of time with these 2 cute kids for the next 2 & a half months. School's out! It's been a week now and it's been filled with friend playdates, a few cleaning projects, Tessa's first swim lesson and quite a few reminders to get off the computer or turn off the TV. Next week we have VBS at church. The rest of the summer we have basketball camps, Lego and Farm camps at the Nature Science Center, Safety Town, more swim lessons, visits to Hendersonville and Mississippi, lots of summer reading program activities and other fun things yet to be planned. So far, it's been quite hot. We're all really excited about seeing Toy Story 3 soon. Tessa's embraced 1 and 2 (finally) and spent some of her savings on Jessie and Bullseye toys ( and small Woody, Buzz, Rex and Slinky). I'd forgotten how much we ♥ Toy Story. Seth was Buzz Lightyear one Halloween... he watched 1 and 2 over and over again. Good times...
I have been crafty (mostly in the "arts and crafts" sense)... but I have not remembered to take photos of the things I have made. Most were for year-end teacher gifts (tote bags, earrings, flower pins, etc.) Perhaps soon I will make something and remember to take a photo. In the meantime, catch a few fireflies, run in the sprinkler, have an icy pop and enjoy the summer - I will!