Friday, July 22, 2011

Summer's flying...

Summer has been quite busy here so far... a few hightlights:

Soccer Camp for T

VBS for all of us

Basketball Camp for S

Swim Fanatics Camp for T (and an afternoon trail hike)

A 4th of July visit to "the cousins" in Hendersonville

Grandma comes from Mississippi

Day trip to the Billy Graham Library in Charlotte

Dress shopping & a Bridesmaid's Tea at the O'Henry for T (junior attendent)

T's first sleepover party

S hanging out @ Isaac's

Soccer Camp for S (indoor, thankfully, since temps are ~99 this week!)

and still to come, dog-sitting for a week and a half (a nice test for T to see if she likes having a dog as much as she thinks she will), Art Camp for T, Basketball Camp for T (with S volunteering), some playgroups, trip to NatSciCtr, maybe the NC Zoo... and who knows what else August will hold!

Haven't been scrapping much but I posted one recent layout (from this July 4). Hope your summer is going great!