Tuesday, July 2, 2013

End of Year Teacher Gifts

 As the school year came to a close, I was asked to take over the planning of Tessa's end-of-year class party. This meant coordinating the teacher's gift too. We had such a diverse class this year, so I thought a bouquet of gift cards and notes of appreciation would be nice. I started with an inexpensive clay pot (Home Depot), wrapped it in twine, and embellished with a few fabric flowers.  For the "bouquet" I used wooden dowels inserted in green foam blocks, and on the dowels I glued clothespins to hold candid photos of the kids, as well as the gift cards (most of those were added later on the day of the party) and notes. I also used some buttons, bookpage flowers, and leather die cut butterflies. And there you have a Gratitude Bouquet!

For the many wonderful "specials" (PE, Art, Music, etc.), I bought key fobs (www.mythirtyone.com/ch31), added a tag (printed the words on notebook paper which fed nicely thru my inkjet printer), and a skeleton key (I found these at Home Depot in a 2-pk. for less than $2 per pk.)
Teachers work so hard and I love finding ways to thank them for all they do!