Friday, November 14, 2008

My best gift ever...

So, Cathy Z's blog contest got me searching photobucket for this layout I did a while ago about the song Kent wrote me as a surprise gift our very first Christmas together. Still need to get that transferred from the cassette to a CD - wouldn't want to lose this precious gift one day when the old stereo dies and we no longer have a cassette player (yes, we are a bit behind... dh does have a portable MP3 player and we only listen to CDs now, but still have a few cassettes in our possession!). Of course, this layout was about a material type of gift... there are obviously many "non-material" gifts that would be higher on my list, but here I was thinking of a present-type gift.
As we approach this season of gratitude and gift-giving, please take the time to make your gifts count... and the best ones do not have to be expensive... the best presents truly are the ones from our hearts. But I won't send the Wii back if someone wants to get me one, lol!

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