Monday, March 15, 2010

March is marching by...

Wow... March is halfway over... this week, St. Patrick's Day... then a couple more weeks and Seth turns 11... and then Easter. Time truly does "march on by" and I haven't blogged much lately. Or created much. I have been making fabric flower pins using my Big Shot and the SU Folding Flowers die. Here are a few:

I've got all these great intentions to scrap... and yet I don't. I have managed to get my "new" camera out of the box after 10 months and am starting to learn how to use it. Took a few pictures of Tessa this weekend at the Bicentennial Gardens:
The last 2 are very similar to a photo I took of Seth a few years ago in the same spot, also conducting the imaginary orchestra... something they both love to do when we visit this park. Such a small thing that brings them great joy. I'm thankful for these little moments and memories.
Oh, and one last photo of my new Earth shoes (here they are, Sis... are they like yours?)

Trying to walk more and get more exercise. These shoes and my new sneakers (New Balance with good orthodic footbed) should help my feet get healthier while the rest of me tries to do the same! Finally managed to get to 10,000 steps on Saturday (am using my pedometer for some accountability). In fact, it's about time for a walk this morning! The birds are singing and the sunshine is calling my name. I'm so thankful that Spring is just around the corner!