Thursday, March 18, 2010

March Madness, on a smaller scale

Well, the '09-10 basketball season is one that most UNC fans (those Tarheels of which I am proud to be one... most of the time) would love to forget. The team just didn't gel, but I have high hopes for next year. They did make the NIT and played the first game in Carmichael Auditorium, where I used to attend basketball games when I was in college. Where I saw Michael Jordan and Sam Perkins play. Brought back good memories. And they managed to win (even though William & Mary made 14 3-pointers). So now Carolina plays Mississippi State on Saturday. Kent's alma mater... cowbells and all. I'm going to be out-numbered... I do believe the kids will be pulling for MSU with their dad.
To get into the spirit, I decorated for the "big game." I expect Mississippi State to win, but you can be sure I'll be pulling hard for my Tarheels!
So, if you don't have anything to do on Saturday at noon eastern, watch ESPN (or ESPNU) and pull for the Tarheels (okay, you can pull for the Bulldogs if you really want to... I'm just hoping for a good game!) Oh, and I believe the winner of this game will play the winner of the NC State/UAB game - it could be another interesting match-up!

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Candace H said...

And the Tarheels won with a last second "bank shot" at the buzzer... much to Kent's dismay.