Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Wanted to make note of today's historic significance. So, in addition to spending hours watching the Inauguration coverage on TV (much to Tessa's dismay... after she saw President Obama make his entrance, she was done), I scrapped a layout to help our family remember today. I included a Haiku that Seth wrote last week in his English class. He was quite interested in watching the CBS Evening news recap of the day (he missed seeing the Inauguration live because he was busy sledding w/some neighborhood kids, in our 1/2 inch of snow). And I will save the newspaper and some other memorabilia... and I will pray for our new President.

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jamie said...

Hi Candace...Saw your post at WT...and wanted to say hello. I really want to post to the challenge...so much going on right now...I am going to be thinking of what I can add to this challenge.
Thanks for hosting and nice layout.