Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Highly anticipated & greatly celebrated...

Tessa is 5! She has been so excited about her birthday. To be 5 like most of her friends... to have her first "kid party"... to have Grandma here for her birthday... so many reasons... and wow, did we celebrate! Ever read the Berenstain Bear book called "Too Much Birthday"? We almost got there. Thurday the 9th, actual day, was the "school party" (and I'm so sad that those pictures disappeared into a black hole). Friday was an "off day" since Dad got stuck in Maryland. Saturday was the "Creatures & Critters" kid party with 13 5-year-old friends, lots of crafts, games and face-painting. Sunday was the "family party" with Grandma, Uncle Ken, take-out Chinese, cake & presents. Happy Birthday, sweet Tessa!

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jamie said...

hey candace...i have missed seeing you under the willow tree. you must be busy with family and celebrations. another thing we have in common...my youngest daughter turns 5 this month too..isn't it a great age?
hope you all are well.