Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Sis, this is for you!

Just loved this photo of Tessa & Emma checking out the outhouse, lol! So here's a little layout I did to showcase it:Am having so much fun doing a layout every other day over at Willow Traders this month (LEO challenge). Might have to join the "Construction Challenge" in August too (it'll be to create anything every other day, not just layouts) - we'll see - with back to school, August can get busy!


Stacy Milford said...

Candace! Hi there! Sorry its been awhile...this layout is AMAZING!!! I just love it! You have really hit your groove! AND I just love how you make your blog headers! Too cute! Take care!

jamie said...

i just love this layout, candace...it is just so many things...one of those pieces that keeps your attention for awhile as you take in all that it is saying...it's just great!